Little Fish have been an invaluable educational resource to my school over the last ten years. The creativity with which the company deliver a first class citizenship programme is the best I have witnessed. The actors genuinely engage and gently challenge the students in quite a profound and remarkable way. The company are also extremely easy to accommodate, simply coming and setting up in a relaxed yet organised way. I have always felt that there is great consideration given to the stresses, strains and confines of a school environment. I have consistently found that the actual delivery of the plays is rich in theatre skill and technique. The acting is so utterly believable and the students are therefore gripped, absorbed and moved. The very best of all the many theatre companies I have used. There is such clarity with their work.
Ann Marie Dixon, Head of Drama St Pauls Academy
On behalf of comic relief thank you for delivering a workshop at our conference. Evaluations completed by all the staff showed that your workshop was outstanding, bringing the vision to life with many staff saying it was the best thing about the day.
Gilly Green, Head of UK Grants Comic Relief
Little Fish have delivered a range of material to YOT clients at Wandsworth, including sessions on our Knife Crime Prevention Programme and on Motvi8, a general offending behaviour programme. They also delivered their 6-week Choices programme for female YOT clients. All of their work is well thought-out, skillfully targeted and delivered, with thought-provoking and challenging ideas. Each time they have worked with YOT clients, the response has been fantastic. The young people can relate to the actors and the scenarios they play out. The use of drama as a tool creates energy and encourages participation from the young people in a creative, fresh and effective way. Fantastic!
Rebecca Smith, Youth Offending Team Officer Wandsworth YOT
My girl had the best time ever and her going to the club didn’t just help her to come out of herself but it helped me too. I had a hard time understanding she is growing up and I was not ready but her group performance, but her making new friends and just seeing how well your team has worked with the children has really given us the boost and I’ll know she will be ok in her new school.
Southwark Year 6 Parent, Learning for Life Summer Scheme
Our students are extremely fortunate to have been part of your workshops and they will carry with them forever the lessons they have learnt with you.
Emma Coleman, PHSEE Co-Ordinator Woolwich Poly Boys Academy
"It was an amazing performance! Helped a lot with a few things. Keep up the good work."

"It really made me think, how can people be like this?"

"There has to be respect, we have to respect each other."

"It was so true to life."

Bexley Year 9 pupils, Kiss and Tell
"It made me a bit emotional because I get racism from other people because I’m not English and it upsets me a lot. Thank you! By the way, it was a great performance and helped me a lot."

"It was really well acted and very funny."

"It was like my life up on stage, thank you."
Greenwich Year 10 pupils, Where The Lines Are Drawn
"Thank you. It was really good. It was funny and it helped us to know how to do the right thing."

"My best bit was when I got to go up on stage and tell the bully off."

"I now know how to say 'NO' to smoking."
Southwark Year 6 pupils, Time and Place
I would like to say a big thank you to all. My daughter had the best time ever and her going to the club didn’t just help her to come out of herself but it helped me too. I had a hard time understanding that she is growing up and I was not ready but her group preformation, making new friends and just seeing how well your team as work with the children as really given us the boost and I’ll know she will be ok in her new school.
Year 6 Southwark Parent, Learning for Life
The show was brilliant on Tuesday and hot on the topics that our boys need to address - very well written! I also want to say thanks for the resource that we will certainly use. Staff and pupils in the room were blown away and thank the full Little Fish team for their efforts and skills in brinigng something to our boys that is a challenge but a necessity.
Jack Davies, Year 10 Teacher, Woolwich Poly Academy School for Boys, Greenwich, Viralize
About 4 minutes ago we arrived back in the classroom having seen the 'Little Fish' performance. The children are absolutely buzzing. This is my third time seeing Little Fish and I'd just like to say that I'm always genuinely shocked at the continued improvement in the show. Every year it gets better and better... A MASSIVE thank you to you and your team for their amazing attitudes and dedication to a wonderful, insightful performance. We can't thank you enough and I'm already looking forward to next year.
Matthew Rose, Year 6 Teacher, John Donne School, Southwark, Time and Place
The issues covered were precisely targeted to echo the concerns of the demographic – the questions asked about relationships, sexual behaviours and masculinity were thought-provoking in a way that made boys seriously challenge their own ideas of right and wrong. Once boys realized they could trust these adults and they were un-shockable, they began to feel comfortable enough to ask questions – questions that clearly had been burning for a while – about relationships, the law, sexual behaviours and consent and receive honest answers... Within my role as a safeguarding professional but also as a woman, I wish that every young man I’d ever taught was lucky enough to work with Frankie and Darren. I hope they can reach many more in the future and look forward to working with them again soon.
Jessica O’Regan, Safeguarding Lead, Harris Battersea School, Wandsworth, The Embrace Project
It was really on point and the issues in the piece are so very current for our young people.
Laura Martin, Pastoral Support, Informal Education, Bexley, Captcha
“I was kind of hungry when I came but the show faded my hunger away, it was flawless.”

“It really showed me that people are not always who they seem but we’re responsible to care for one another.”

“Keep on doing what you’re doing, people love it.”

“I thought it was inspiring and made me aware of others.”
Lewisham Youth Theatre Students, Captcha



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