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Me·di·aa·oc·ra·cy [mee-dee-aa-ok-ruh-see]
A noun.


The system of maintaining control over a nation by utilising the media. A system of mediocracy is not limited strictly to using the mass media or mainstream media to achieve its ends. It may also use independent and underground media outlets, such as blogs and pod casts.

Mediaocracy was written with young people in South London. The playwright visited a number of youth groups and community venues using social media sites such as ‘You Tube’ and ‘Facebook’ to develop the themes of the play. Mediaocracy explores the impact of the mass media on young people’s relationships, tackling issues including; body image, internet pornography and steroid use.

More information and discussion can be found on our Facebook page.

Clips from the playreading can be found on ‘You Tube‘.

Key Stage 3/4

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